Workers Compensation Lawyer Van Nuys CA

Workers Compensation Lawyer Van Nuys CAMany individuals search for a workers compensation lawyer Van Nuys CA has to offer because of a single event that caused an injury or severe illness at work. However, as any experienced workers compensation lawyer Van Nuys CA can provide might know, injuries occurring over a long period of time can be just as valid in a workers compensation claim.

Workers in different industries face different challenges and risks. An injury that occurs after a single event can be just as valid as an injury that develops over a period of time. Injuries that progress over time, often called repetitive stress injuries, are often more common than people think when workers compensation injuries are concerned. Here’s a quick look at repetitive stress injuries and how a workers compensation lawyer Van Nuys CA offers may be able to help:

Repetitive Stress Injuries: The Basics

As a seasoned workers compensation lawyer Van Nuys CA trusts might explain, repetitive stress injuries can cause as much damage as singular-event injuries in some cases. Injuries that occur over a period of time — sometimes over a few days but potentially over a few years — are becoming more common in the American workplace. By some estimates, these injuries are the most common type of workers compensation claims.

When an individual repeats a certain motion again and again, this motion might not inherently be stressful but could put excessive stress on specific muscles. Workers who spend all day on computers, for example, could develop carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs when tissues in the wrist and/or hand become inflamed and pinch the nerves. Other workers might encounter lower back pain, muscle strains, or even damaged joints.

How do you prove a repetitive stress injury?

To collect workers compensation it is imperative to prove that the injury was connected to a specific job task; either the task caused the injury or it exacerbated the symptoms of the injury. Individual businesses can take steps to help employees reduce the risk of developing this type of injury. However, it is not always possible to completely prevent the injury from occurring.

When a worker suspects that an injury is developing due to a work-related issue, it might not be possible at that stage to take any legal action. For cases involving an injury that has already developed to an advanced stage, it will be important for the worker to provide substantial documentation on the injury, as an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Van Nuys CA might attest.

Most states have time limits for workers compensation claims — and this could make a claim even more confusing if the injury occurred cumulatively instead of after one single event. It will likely be important for an injured worker to track any substantial changes in their injury and any diagnoses or treatments from medical professionals.

How can a Van Nuys CA workers compensation lawyer help?

Workers compensation claims can be very confusing and complicated — and when the injury develops over a long period of time, it can be even more complicated to prove that there is a work-injury connection. Hiring an experienced lawyer could provide a claimant with the resources necessary to make a successful claim. If you are in need of a workers compensation lawyer Van Nuys CA residents trust, an respected firm may be able to help you prove that your repetitive stress injury deserves compensation.