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When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you deserve quality representation, be it for a car accident, medical malpractice, work injury, or some other misfortune. It is important to find a Los Angeles personal injury law firm that offers highly trained professionals with years of litigation experience in the field. When searching for a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you would be wise to hire someone with excellent credentials and a high client satisfaction rate.

los angeles personal injury lawyers

When one searches for a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, how does one know one is in the right hands? The following tips will help you find an attorney whom you can trust.

  1. Ask for recommendations. An overwhelming number of us has been involved in some form of vehicular accident. If a friend or family member consulted with a personal injury lawyer after an accident of any kind, your friend may be able to recommend a good attorney. When seeking representation, a personal recommendation helps. However, by no means do we suggest that it be the only deciding factor. Reviewing your attorney’s qualifications online (education, awards and accolades, years’ experience, etc.), can also prove extremely helpful. You may also find recommendations online through your state bar association’s referral list.
  2. Examine the cost. Once you have compiled a list of possible attorneys, you would be wise to consult with each firm. It should be easy to locate a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles that offers free case evaluations. Cost can be another determinant when choosing an attorney, and firms should aim to help clients obtain compensation after an accident, not add to your financial strain. If your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer charges a consultation fee, this may be your first red flag. Additionally, many attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not accept payment unless they obtain a recovery for you. You may trust that an attorneys working on contigency will have your best interests at heart.
  3. Ask the right questions. When hiring a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, ask each attorney the following:
    1. Will you handle my case directly? (Note that attorneys often work in teams, and you would be wise to get to know everyone involved in your case.)
    2. What is your philosophy?
    3. Do you work more with the injured parties or the defendants?
    4. Do you prefer a more “hands on” approach or see yourself as a legal guide?

Finally, ask yourself what your goals are: would you prefer to have a quick settlement or pursue the largest payment possible?

You should find a firm that offers Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who are astute litigators, and who will approach you with compassion, but fight fiercely for you in the courtroom. If you wish to scheduled a free consultation regarding your case, contact Los Angeles personal injury lawyers today.

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