Workers Compensation Lawyer Glendale CA

The Claims Denial Process Explained

Workers Compensation Lawyer Glendale CAA workers compensation lawyer Glendale CA employees trust wants to help answer your questions about why a claim may be denied and what to do about it. Many attorneys offer a free, no obligation consultation to review your workers compensation case if your claim was not approved. If you have not yet filed your claim, an experienced attorney may work with you to help reduce the likelihood that it will be denied.

The following is some general information about workers compensation claims and why they may be denied.

What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation is intended to provide benefits and cash to workers who have been injured while performing the duties of their job. Injured workers are not required to prove their employers or colleagues are responsible for their injury. If their workers compensation claim is denied, they may file an appeal.

Why would my workers compensation claim be denied?

There are many reasons why a claim may be denied. Ultimately, it will likely be in your best interest to speak with a workers compensation lawyer in Glendale CA to review why your claim was denied and how to appeal that decision. The following include some common reasons why your employer or their insurance company may not approve your claim:

  1. They believe that your injury was not caused on the job, is not new, or is a preexisting condition or injury.
  2. They believe that your injury was caused by something that was not job related.
  3. They dispute where or when the injury occurred.
  4. Their designated health provider determined that you are not injured.

How do I appeal their denial of my workers compensation claim?

A workers compensation lawyer Glendale CA residents rely on may give you more detailed information regarding your specific case. The following steps might be helpful for those with denied workers compensation claims:

  1. Contact the insurance company and ask them why they denied your benefits. It may be possible they simply need more information.
  2. Ask the insurance company if they’ll reconsider their denial of your claim.
  3. File a formal workers compensation claim denial appeal. A workers compensation lawyer Glendale CA workers turn to for legal assistance can help you with this.

A workers compensation lawyer Glendale CA residents respect may review your appeal before you submit it. During the review, a lawyer might check your documentation for errors and omissions. This may provide you with a high chance of a denial reversal.

Why should I hire a Glendale CA workers compensation lawyer?

Most workers’ compensation lawyers are paid based on a nominal percentage of the benefits awarded to you from your workers compensation claim. So if your claim denial is not successfully overturned, you won’t have to pay the attorney.

If your workers compensation claim has been denied, it is important not to give up. An experienced firm can help you take the necessary steps to appeal the decision. Contact a law firm for a consultation when you need an experienced and highly qualified workers compensation lawyer Glendale CA believes in.