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Personal Injury Lawyer Los AngelesWhat Is PIP Insurance? Your Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles Explains

If you’ve been injured and you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles residents turn to, especially as a result of a Los Angeles car accident, you may have already begun looking into your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. PIP insurance can be very beneficial for anyone who has been injured in a car accident; but, as with any insurance, there is the “fine print” which can make it complex and difficult to understand all on your own.

No one can say that they are the “best” personal injury lawyer Los Angeles can offer, but our law firm and our satisfied clients will tell you that receiving exceptional legal services is possible — with us.  So, as part of that provision of exceptional service, in any accident case where PIP benefits are triggered, we aim to help our clients better understand the process and what coverages are available to compensate them for their damages.

What is PIP insurance?

PIP insurance is very similar to Medical Payments (MedPay) insurance. It functions as an add-on for auto insurance and covers medical costs in the event of a car accident. Unlike MedPay, PIP insurance generally provides coverage for a greater variety of injuries and medical expenses than does MedPay. In addition to covering basic medical expenses after a car accident, PIP insurance may also provide coverage for physical or occupational therapy, psychiatric therapy, and lost wages.

Who needs PIP insurance?

As any good personal injury lawyer Los Angeles can provide will tell you, it is important to have auto insurance coverage regardless of how long you’ve been driving. PIP insurance can provide financial assistance for drivers who are injured in a car accident and for any passengers who were injured in the crash (but only if they were riding in the vehicle of a driver with PIP insurance).

Is PIP insurance really that necessary?

PIP insurance is very beneficial because it can provide financial assistance after a car accident injury regardless of who was responsible for causing the crash. This can be a major benefit for drivers and passengers who have sustained serious injuries that require a great deal of medical treatment. Insurance companies generally pay out PIP benefits more quickly relative to resolving the main accident claim. As any experienced personal injury lawyer Los Angeles can offer will affirm, it’s not easy to collect an injury settlement from insurance companies. So making a PIP claim and receiving those benefits can help bridge some of the financial gap a car accident victim is undergoing following an accident. PIP benefits can be purchased in varying limits/amounts so be sure to discuss that with your insurance planner as well as an experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

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