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Insurance Claim Terminology

Auto Accident Lawyer Santa Monica CAAfter an auto accident, you may have questions about the terminology used in the claims process that can be answered by an auto accident lawyer Santa Monica CA turns to for help. An attorney may answer your questions regarding your personal injury case.

An experienced and knowledgeable Santa Monica CA auto accident lawyer may negotiate the highest possible settlement for your personal injury claim. If a settlement can’t be reached, your lawyer can represent you in court to be sure that you aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance companies or the at fault driver.

When filing an insurance claim, key terms may come up that you’re not familiar with, including:

  1. MedPay. Also known as “medical payments,” MedPay is insurance coverage that you can use to pay medical bills as a result of injuries suffered in a car accident, regardless of who was at fault. Depending on whether or not you have MedPay coverage and what the limit is for your policy, you may be able to use these funds until your personal injury claim is settled. It can also be used for your passenger’s medical bills stemming from the car accident. When represented by an auto accident lawyer Santa Monica CA is proud to have in the community, your attorney can explain how MedPay coverage will work in your particular case.
  2. Negligence. A person is considered negligent if they are careless and as a result, another person gets hurt. It’s the job of an auto accident lawyer Santa Monica CA has to offer to determine if their client is negligent. Do not admit negligence or guilt until or unless an auto accident lawyer Santa Monica CA drivers rely on advises you to do so. A highly experienced attorney who protects clients’ rights when negligence is involved may be crucial to your case.
  3. Comparative Negligence. Sometimes an accident is caused by more than one person, and so insurance companies compare the actions of each party to determine what percentage they’re at fault. In states that consider Comparative Negligence, the amount of money an insurance company pays out is based on the driver’s percentage of responsibility for the accident.
  4. Subrogation. A subrogation clause assures the auto insurance company that any amount they pay out for medical costs already covered by health insurance will be reimbursed by the policyholder. Prior to negotiating a personal injury settlement, an auto accident lawyer in Santa Monica CA will more than likely determine which of their client’s insurance policies will pay for what accident costs.

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If the insurance company uses a word or term that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask them or your attorney what it means. This is also important when presented with documents to sign. Contact an auto accident lawyer Santa Monica CA drivers go to for answers today.