Auto Accident Lawyer Glendale CA

Hiring Legal Representation Can Be Advantageous

Auto Accident Lawyer Glendale CAIf you’ve never been in a car accident and suffered a personal injury, you may not be aware of when it can be advantageous to hire an auto accident lawyer Glendale CA victims are grateful to have on their side. An attorney may be able to help you. Below are only a few reasons why contacting an attorney might be of tremendous benefit to you.

What is refusal to pay?

Refusal to pay is the term used when the insurance company either refuses to provide a reasonable settlement offer, or else refuses to pay the claim altogether. This can happen for various reasons including:

  1. They dispute who is liable. The company may claim that their insured wasn’t at fault, and therefore they won’t pay your claim.
  2. The insurance company’s medical doctor concludes that you are not injured or that your injury was not a result of the car accident.

If an insurance company is refusing to pay your claim or make a reasonable settlement offer, an auto accident lawyer in Glendale CA may be able to help.  Many personal injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with insurance companies that refuse to honor valid claims. A lawyer may pursue whatever legal action is necessary to recover the money and benefits that clients deserve.

What is my financial risk in hiring a car accident lawyer?

Most car accident lawyers who handle personal injuries work on a contingency basis, so if they do not successfully resolve your claim or lawsuit, you won’t have to pay any fees out of pocket. If they’re successful, they receive a nominal portion of your settlement. If you think that you may need representation, contact an auto accident lawyer Glendale CA residents trust today.

How can the statute of limitations affect my personal injury case?

Personal injury cases most often have a statute of limitations, or a time deadline by which you must file a claim or lawsuit. If you file too late, you may not be able to recover your costs and damages. A Glendale CA auto accident lawyer may advise you whether or not your claim or lawsuit is still eligible, and make sure your documentation is complete and filed on time.

Can the same lawyer who helps me with a settlement negotiation take my case to trial if a lawsuit becomes necessary?

An auto accident lawyer Glendale CA drivers seek for legal representation will likely be able to do both. In addition to negotiating a settlement on your behalf, he or she may simultaneously prepare for trial. Knowing that your attorney is prepared to take the case to trial can be reason enough for an insurance company to settle a claim, just to avoid a potentially expensive and lengthy trial. An auto accident lawyer Glendale CA car accident victims rely on may help you negotiate settlements, or even try your case in court.

Contact an auto accident lawyer Glendale CA trusts today to have representation by your side.