Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney After a Violent Attack?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Crimes happen daily. Unfortunately, many people fail to consider that a large number of people are injured by criminal activity. The criminal justice system is in place to punish those who commit crimes such as burglary or assault and battery. However, who gets justice for people injured during those crimes? Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer in your local area can stand up and fight for your best interests and the deserved monetary compensation for injuries you sustained during criminal activity.

A personal injury lawyer can also help people injured during sexual assaults, drunk driver accidents, violent attacks, or other crimes. An attorney understands how much you have suffered and wants to ensure that you recover the maximum amount of monetary compensation possible—no matter how simple or complicated the criminal case. The bottom line is: you were injured, and you deserve compensation.

Defining a Violent Attack 

Violent attacks take numerous forms. Criminals can, and do, commit violent attacks without physically hurting anyone. When a victim is made fearful of suffering immediate physical injury, this may constitute a violent attack by the perpetrator.

Assault in the legal term which describes a demonstrable threat of violence. In some instances, verbal or written threats can amount to an assault. However, most assault charges come from threats or violence made in person, including an attempt at physical violence. Criminal charges can be elevated to assault and battery if the assaulter harms or injures the victim. A “completed” assault and battery is a crime which incurs more substantial penalties.

The justice system also differentiates the crime of assault according to the intent (and other factors) behind them. Assaults typically fall into two categories. Which category a crime falls into usually depends on the seriousness of the harm that occurs, or is likely to occur if the perpetrator follows through on a threat to cause harm, and strikes the victim. 

  1. Simple assault: Simple assault typically leads to a misdemeanor charge.
  2. Aggravated assault: This refers to committing an assault in the course of a crime, intending to commit a serious crime (such as rape), or using a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault almost always incurs felony charges.

Some states use an alternative to assault classification by acknowledging different levels of harm, classifying them as first (the most serious), second, or third-degree (less severe) assaults.

Seeking Compensation Through a Civil Action 

Violent crimes often equate to criminal charges. While the perpetrators of these crimes will hopefully be prosecuted, the injured victims may seek compensation through pursuing a civil action. After suffering injury from a violent attack or criminal activity, it is essential that you act quickly and have a personal injury attorney review your situation, as the statute of limitations on such lawsuits may come into play. 

Hire a Reliable Attorney

It’s crucial to get help from the right personal injury attorney. A lawyer who understands the toll that violent attacks take on victims can put their experience and full range of our capabilities to work for you. Contact a personal injury attorney in Bristol, TN in your local area today to schedule a case evaluation. 



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