3 Questions to Ask Your Bike Accident Lawyer

Suffering a bicycle accident can be a majority stressful experience. Not only do you suffer the initial trauma, there are often police reports, insurance companies and medical bills to deal with in the aftermath. An already bad situation can be made worse if insurance companies try to deny you a settlement and want to go to trial. Fortunately, you can get damages for your bicycle accident, if you know what to do. Consult with an attorney early on and make sure to ask them these three major questions.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Bicycle accidents are often viewed as minor, due to the somewhat recreational nature of bikes. But the truth is, hundred of bike riders are killed in accidents each year, and many more suffer serious injuries such as lacerations, head injuries, fractures and more. Although many insurance companies will want to settle, others may insist on going to court before they pay your damages. The potential seriousness of injuries, combined with the complexity of legal matters when it comes to a possible court case make it imperative that you not try to go it alone in a court.

Will I Need Witnesses?

TV has taught us that witnesses are integral to proving a case, but that’s simply not so. It’s true that witnesses can be helpful and you should obtain contact information for anyone who may have seen your accident. But there aren’t always people who saw the incident and are willing to talk. In those cases, there can be other ways to prove that a driver was negligent. Your best bet is to call the police at the scene and get a report made that includes details ranging from the weather to exactly where an accident occurred. Remember, witnesses are great, but a report featuring comments from an officer of the law can be just as helpful to winning your case.

Are These Cases Hard to Win?

Like any case, a biking accident case can have its challenges. But winning is far from impossible with the right attorney. Your attorney will employ investigators to evaluate things like the accident scene, road conditions and even road markings to help build your case. With the right evidence, you can be on the way to proper compensation.

Many factors can influence the strength of your bike accident case. If you have been in a bike accident consult with an personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC immediately to learn what it will take to get your injuries covered.


Thanks to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and questions for your bicycle accident attorney.