Knowing the Dangers of Distracted Driving

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When learning how to drive, you are likely told repeatedly to keep your eyes on the road, to be alert and ready for anything, but how many people abide by those principles daily. With the advent of cell phones and GPS systems, cars have become a hub of distractions. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, distractions account for over 3,000 fatalities a year. Therefore, while it may seem that you are focused at the moment, many drivers fail to adequately pay attention to the road and vehicles around them, resulting in severe injury or death. How can you avoid distractions and remain safe?

Eyes on the Road

When driving, keep your eyes on the road. Granted, there are billboards and scenery that are distracting, but remain focused, checking your mirrors routinely and maintaining sightlines at all times. There is no need to check your hair or makeup while driving. If something fell, leave it until you are pulled over and safely parked. Ignore your text messages and let your passengers entertain themselves. Also, don’t try messing with a map or GPS while driving, all of this should be handled before the drive begins, and if it must happen during the drive, then pull over and find a safe place.

Hands on the Wheel

The rule of keeping both hands on the wheel at all times still applies today. Therefore, eating, drinking and manipulating the instruments in your car should never interfere with your driving. All of those things can wait until you are parked. Also, never hold a cell phone while you are driving, having your hands occupied can lead to a delay in your reactions during an emergency. Keep your hands on the wheel and maintain a distraction-free environment.

Mind Alert and Focused

Driving requires a certain level of multi-tasking, which need not be exacerbated by more distraction. Therefore, you should avoid carrying on conversations, talking on the cell phone and daydreaming. Remaining focused ties into every other rule as well because it is by far the most essential element of safe driving.

Regardless of your safe driving practices, there is always the possibility of an accident occurring. You may do everything in your control to drive safely and prevent anyone’s injury, but if others are on the road distracted, then your involvement in an accident is possible. Therefore, if the possible occurs and you are in an accident, you can seek restitution through counsel with an auto accident lawyer in Lakeland, FL.



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