Chiropractic Care Can Help Accident-Related Injuries


If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you should consider going to a qualified chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractors can treat a variety of issues that arise from car or truck collisions, such as muscle strains, whiplash of the neck, and other soft tissue injuries. And while injuries such as these might seem less severe when compared with what could’ve happened, a soft tissue injury can still take weeks, or even months, of recovery time. Weeks of recovery time also translates into weeks of medical bills.

In the aftermath of a traumatic accident, the last thing you should have to worry about is financial expenses, including the cost of your chiropractic care. So, if you are considering or are in the process of filing a personal injury claim, you may have questions about whether or not your settlement for damages will cover the cost of your chiropractic treatment.

In that regard, there are a few things you may like to know about personal injury claims and your chiropractic care.

Why visit a chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident?

Many chiropractors can confirm that there may be damaging, long-term effects of ignoring your symptoms. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries you can sustain from a car accident, and will usually resolve after only a few weeks of chiropractic care. However, in severe cases of whiplash where an accident victim doesn’t seek medical treatment, the result could be chronic neck pain, lost range of motion, and stiffness. 

Accident victims often make the mistake of thinking they’re absolutely fine. Symptoms related to injuries suffered in a car crash may not show up for hours, or even days. The longer victims wait to get treatment for the injuries they sustained during the incident, the more difficult it may be to get awarded a settlement for damages, pain, and suffering.

A licensed doctor of chiropractic can develop a treatment plan to help you heal from whiplash or other injuries of the musculoskeletal system. While it might be initially costly to get chiropractic treatment for your injuries, chiropractic care is often a lot less costly and less invasive than expensive surgeries, which may require lengthy recovery and rehabilitation periods. 

The majority of injuries for which you might visit a chiropractor will not be resolved in only one or two appointments. Although experienced chiropractors will likely do their best to heal you quickly, certain injuries might take weeks, possibly months, of chiropractic treatment before the issue can be resolved. So, it is understandable that you could be facing mounting chiropractic bills that might amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Who pays for chiropractic care after an auto accident?

If your accident was caused by another party who was negligent or at-fault, you might need to file a personal injury suit to recover the cost of your treatments. Your attorney can work to prove that your visits to a chiropractor were required for your recovery, so you get a financial settlement to cover your bills. Contact a chiropractor in Gaithersburg, MD today for more information or to schedule a visit.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care and treatment for accident injuries.