Can I Sue a Driver Who Hit Me While Riding My Bike?

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Traveling via bicycle is an increasingly popular way that many people get where they need to be, that is both eco friendly and good for your health. Some riders may use bikes as means of primary transportation, traveling dozens of miles every single day. During these rides, a bicyclist must be alert to surroundings at all times. Even the most seasoned bicyclist who wears gear and practices safety strategies, may be part of a tragic accident if a driver was being reckless. Bicyclists who have been hit by a car may consider hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the car driver.

What are some actions I can take to prevent being hit by a car?

Watching a car rapidly approach in your direction while riding a bike, may be one of the scariest things any person can experience. The human body is fragile in comparison to the sturdy material that car exteriors are made out of. Here are some safety tactics you can utilize while riding your bike:

  • Wearing protective yet flexible gear, especially gloves with grip and a safety-approved helmet
  • Riding in the same direction that traffic is flowing
  • Not wearing headphones for music, talking on the phone or anything else that could be a distraction while riding
  • Attach a flickering light especially while riding at night, to become more visible to drivers sharing the road
  • Avoiding riding during severe weather inclements (snow, rain, ice, winds)

What injuries are common for bicycle accidents?

The injuries commonly associated with bicycle accidents can be serious and require emergency medical care. It may be in the best interest of the bicyclist to call for medical attention or go to the nearest hospital, even if he or she feels okay after impact. In the hours or days following the accident, signs of serious injuries may finally become noticeable. By getting a medical exam soon after, it can help prevent any underlying conditions from worsening.

Should I be wary if I get calls from insurance adjusters?

After you have filed a claim for the bicycle accident, you may receive calls from insurance adjusters asking for a statement about what happened. These representatives may appear very friendly and concerned for you, when in actuality are looking for you to say something so they can minimized or deny your claim entirely. If you hire a lawyer, he or she can help protect you from such misleading phone calls.

How do I know whether I need a lawyer to help me out?

A lawyer can be of help for a bicyclist who has lost money because of the accident, including costs for medical care, loss of wage from missing work and bicycle repairs. If your injuries surpassed what a first aid kit can fix and want repayment for what you paid for out-of-pocket, then seeking legal counsel may be a good idea. A bicycle accident lawyer St. Paul, MN trusts can consult with you further about the accident, to help you decide whether filing a civil lawsuit against the driver is what you want to do.



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