What not to wear to court

Personal Injury Lawyer

Yes, it really does matter what you wear to court. Your appearance is a part of showing that you are taking whatever matter that has you in court seriously.  You will be “judged” upon your attire, and possibly not let in the court room if in too casual of dress. Most court rooms now will not let you in if you are in either shorts, and or flip-flops, and if you are let in in such attire the Judge may find you in contempt of the court.  This does not mean you need to wear a three-piece suit, however conservative dress is recommended. Such as for men slacks, or if necessary nice pressed jeans, and either a button-down shirt or collared shirt, and either boots or clean shoes. Do not wear the following items to court if you want to be taken seriously by the judge; ripped jeans, shorts, sandals, vulgar t-shirts, muscle shirts/tank tops, Clothes that are stained, much too big, or overtly form fitting. Do not wear stained clothes, shirts that are ripped and or missing buttons, make sure your pants if you are wearing them are button, and zipped. If you would not want to wear it in front of your grandparents, or to church or some such other even that requires conservative clothing do not wear it to court. Ladies the same recommendation goes to you. You may also wear dresses, or skirts however make sure that it is not too short. Go back to the elementary school rules and if is shorter than fingertip length do not wear it. Also, ladies court is a conservative environment there is a recommendation not to wear exceedingly heavy and or dark makeup. Another recommendation this time for everyone is prior to court cover if possible any visible tattoos with clothing if able or possible. There is still unfortunately a social stigmatism against tattoos, and the people who chose to have them.  This also means that any visible non-mainstream piercings need to be remove if able, an example of a socially accepted mainstream piercing would be a person’s earlobes that are not gauged. Dressing in the appropriate manner shows not only are you taking the matter seriously, but also that you respect the court. Appearances truly do matter for court you are trying to present yourself in the best light possible which means it makes it easier for yourself, or your family lawyer Arlington, Texas trusts to defend you and or your case.



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