Truck Accident Injuries Suffered by Passenger Car Drivers

Truck Accident Lawyer

As an attorney understands well, the injuries a passenger driver may suffer from after being hit by a commercial truck can be very painful and costly and can empathize with how much stress and devastation you may be experiencing after such a collision. Accidents that occur due to a negligent truck driver can be truly tragic, where multiple lives could be lost or impacted forever.

We have realized that many people do not know just how much compensation they may be entitled to after being the victim in a commercial truck accident. If the trucker was at-fault for the wreck, you may be able to recover expenses related to medical bills, loss of wage, costs for car repairs, and more. This is where an attorney can be of help, as we can provide you with advice on how to file a lawsuit against the truck and trucking company for what happened.

Here in the article below, we have listed a few of the top injuries victims of commercial truck accidents may suffer from in the hours or weeks following the incident.

#1 Broken Bones

Depending on where the passenger car driver was hit, he or she may endure broken bones in different areas of the body. If the commercial truck squashed the front end of the car, the driver’s feet, legs, toes and knees could have been broken. If the car driver was plowed into on the left side next to the driver’s seat, a broken arm, wrist, hip or pelvic bone could suffer a breakage.

#2 Whiplash

Whiplash can happen in very small accidents, as well as very severe collisions. If the neck and head was suddenly jolted forward and backward due to the force of impact, painful and debilitating whiplash could result. Whiplash may not always require emergency medical attention. However, the care to treat a serious case of whiplash could last months or longer. The victim may need surgery, physical therapy and continued chiropractic care in order to heal.

#3 Mental Trauma

A passenger car driver that was hit by a commercial truck going very fast may start to develop fears and anxieties about getting back into the car afterwards. The victim may require therapy and medication to help treat newly evolved depression, panic attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder due to the collision. If you are struggling with difficult emotions or thoughts after a truck accident, speak with your doctor so you can receive the treatment you need to get better.

A  truck accident lawyer can meet with you to talk further about how the commercial truck accident occurred and help you get back to the health and financial stability you were prior to such a horrible accident.