What Are Ways to Practice Defensive Driving?

Drivers may want to consider practicing defensive strategies when sharing the road with others. The defensive approach encompasses the idea of making driving decisions that can help save your life, money and time despite how others may be operating their vehicle around you. We can only be in true control of ourselves while driving. If we can utilize defensive tactics, we can help decrease our chances of being involved in a tragic car accident. In the article here, we have answered the common question: What are ways that I can practice defensive driving? Please read on to find out more!

#1 Looking Ahead, Not Just Right in Front of You

Many drivers who are new to the ways of the road may form the habit of only looking directly in front of their car while driving. Look ahead as far as you can, just in case there is a construction zone, recent car accident or other hazard that you must avoid. It is best to get the big picture by taking in the entire road ahead of you, including the sides and back too.

#2 Prepare for Emergencies

The majority of drivers at one point or another may have an unexpected situation unfold before them while driving. An animal could dart onto the road, or an accident could arise right in front of you.  If we drive often we may even become complacent and go into autopilot mode. Being alert and aware to the surroundings at all times can help a driver swerve safely and avoid being part of a terrible wreck.

#3 Keep a Safe Distance

It can be quite risky to follow too closely behind another vehicle that is in the same lane as you. If a driver were to slam on his or her breaks to avoid an emergency up ahead, you could easily plow right into the bumper. They say that drivers should be three solid seconds behind the car in front of them. How you can judge this distance is by using a visual cue on the road. Once the driver in front of you has passed that marker, you start counting to three. When you reach the marker, you should have been able to count up to three or more.

#4 Eliminating Distractions

Before starting the engine, put away all possible distractions. Such items could be your cell phone, purse, food or anything else that could pull your attention away from the road. Driving while distracted can be a huge contributor to serious accidents, as all it takes is a fraction of a second to become completely unaware of your environment.

What if I was driving safely, but another car hit me anyways?

Sometimes, we do our best to avoid a car accident but we end up in one anyways due to another driver’s carelessness. Innocent drivers may wonder how they can seek compensation for their injuries and vehicle damages. Many drivers may decide to meet with a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts about filing a civil lawsuit to recover costs for medical bills, car repairs and loss of pay from not being able to work.



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