Car Crash Representation: What Should You Ask a Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring?


If you have been injured in a car crash and are considering filing a lawsuit against another driver who caused the accident, you are likely also considering hiring an attorney to represent you in the lawsuit. Hiring an attorney is one of the best moves you can make to ensure that your case progresses smoothly and that you are able to achieve fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered. It is important, however, that you hire the right attorney. Not all attorneys are equally capable of providing you adequate representation in you lawsuit. Here are a list of questions that you should consider asking an attorney before hiring:


  • What kind of cases do you typically handle? Look for an attorney who is able to answer that he or she typically represents plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. It would be ideal if the attorney mostly represented plaintiffs in car crash cases. Why does it matter? Because the more cases an attorney has seen that are similar to yours, the more prepared he or she will be to handle any issues that may arise during your case. Additionally, specialization in car crash law will mean that your attorney has experience with local traffic rules and will know how to use them to your advantage in court.


  • How long have you been practicing law? It is obvious that the longer an attorney has been practicing law, the more he or she will be able to use their experience to benefit your case. However, just because an attorney has been practicing for many years, does not mean that he or she is the right fit for you. A newer attorney may be just as capable and may be willing to try more innovative, creative solutions to solve problems. A newer attorney may also be more compelling to a jury when making your case. Ask this question, but carefully weigh the importance of the response.


  • How many attorneys in your office practice personal injury law? This question basically asks the attorney how much support he or she will have in the office. If the practice is busy, it is beneficial to have multiple attorneys available within the firm that could answer your questions or work together to meet deadlines. It is not essential to hire an attorney from a large law firm, but it is helpful if the attorney you hire is well supported by his or her office.


  • How often do you represent plaintiffs in the local courtroom? Some attorneys travel extensively for their work. For your case, however, it is best if the attorney you hire practices frequently in the jurisdiction where you will file your case. This way, an attorney will be familiar with the local court rules, and will also know the judges and court staff. Your attorney should have a good reputation within the local legal community and will be able to use this to your advantage when making your case.


Hiring an attorney is a great decision, but it is crucial to the success of your case that you hire a qualified and competent car accident lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ trusts that has the set of skills you need. Do not be afraid to ask questions and shop around; your case depends on it.



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