Chiropractics vs Surgery and Medication

Chiropractors have been adjusting spines and reducing knee pain for well over a hundred years. Chiropractic treatment has shown to be effective against neck pain, back pain, knee pain, seasonal allergies, headaches, migraines, and more. But why choose chiropractic treatment over surgery or medication? Well for some, it is more therapeutic and can help out more parts of the body than the initial consultation was for. Because knee and arthritis pain are considered both some of the top contributors to disability in the United States, surgery is a well known treatment, although it is usually considered a last resort.

  • Invasiveness. Spinal fusion involves a surgeon performing an incision in the Knee Arthritis and operating on the spine. Bone grafts, screws, and anesthesia are involved. Naturally, any disturbance with the spine does have associated risks, which many patients are uncomfortable with. Chiropractic treatment is inherently noninvasive and has proven to reduce pressure on the nerves in the spine.
  • Cost. Patients who saw a medical doctor report spending up to 40% more than those who visited a chiropractor.
  • Recovery. Spinal fusion is a common surgical procedure used to treat Knee Arthritis pain. This surgery can require between 3 and 12 months of recovery time for patients to return to normal function. Patients who see a chiropractor, however, experience no recovery time. Pain relief may occur immediately following an adjustment. Chiropractors can also teach patients exercises and stretches to help strengthen muscles around the spine; a potential long term solution to relieving the pain.

When it comes to medication, there are potential downsides. Chiropractors do not prescribe medication or recommend surgery unless it is absolutely necessary, as they believe healing the body through movement and exercises over time is the natural remedy. A lot of medications produce negative side effects. These side effects could include: sleeplessness, inhibited reflexes, and drowsiness. Fortunately, chiropractic care is rarely associated with negative side effects. Certain pain medications are notoriously addictive. Often times, their effectiveness decreases with use. So patients will have to up doses, increasing side effects and costs. Chiropractic care is a non-habit forming alternative to addictive painkillers. Common pain medications only mask the pain instead of confronting the source. This provides only temporary pain relief; whereas, chiropractics can identify the source of the pain, correct the issue, and help heal you for a longer period of time.

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Although there may be circumstances where medication and surgery are betters options, it’s important to review safer methods before suscepting yourself to the dangers and inconveniences associated with surgery and painkillers. Chiropractic treatment has proven itself to be a safe and effective alternative for many sufferers of back and neck pain. If the back pain you experience is the result of a car accident, contact a lawyer who has experience in such cases. The lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement or sue on your behalf; you may receive compensation to cover your chiropractic costs along with other damages incurred. In the event you have any questions regarding to treatment or have a general concern, do not hesitate to contact an experienced chiropractor Gaithersburg, MD turns to, to get a diagnosis.

Thank you to the Pain Arthritis Relief Center for providing their insight and expertise on the differences between chiropractors, surgeries, and medication.