Knee Pain: Questions to Ask Yourself When Applying for SSDI

When you are experiencing either knee pain or lower back pain, a social security attorney may be able to counsel you if Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are something that you qualify for. There are so many people that suffer from this type of pain which can make approval of your application even more challenging. Determining who may actually have debilitations and not able to work, is rigorously assessed by the SSA on a regular basis.  SSA looks for a variety of principles when making a determination around SSDI benefits.

Common Questions During the Application Process

When applying for SSDI, there are a few questions you must consider before initiating the process. Anyone is entitled to apply for SSDI regardless of whether or not they meet the appropriate criteria for approval.  

Have you spoken with your doctor to gather the appropriate documentation?

The Social Security Administration will look very closely at your claim. It will be helpful to have all the documentation from your physician in order to be able to prove that you are entitled to SSDI.
It will be important to have the following when filing a claim:

  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays
  • Test Results
  • MRIs
  • Diagnosis
  • Additional records that may be helpful in proving your case

Will the condition you have been diagnosed with last for more than a year?

If you are not working because of your knee pain, it will be important to be able to persuade the SSA of this hardship. When determining what types of benefits you could receive based on your medical conditions, the SSA uses a resource called The Blue Book. There are a few diagnoses that will allow you to qualify automatically, however,  most cases will require you to prove that your condition is severe and could take a long time to recuperate from. Accessing a knee pain doctor with experience can be beneficial as they will be sure to run the appropriate tests for your care and your claim. A test can prove the severity of your back or knee pain and provide clarity around the diagnosis.  

Does it make sense to consult with an attorney?

It can be a complicated process to apply for SSDI. Because there is such a high volume of applicants, the SSA will put all applicants through a rigorous process to ensure that they do not approve any false claims. It is common for an applicant to have to reapply for approval due to being denied their first time around. You will be able to ensure that your application is put together correctly with an SSDI attorney working with you throughout the process.

Are there any other requirements in order to qualify for SSDI?

When applying for SSDI, it will be important to check for any other details that you will need.
You will need to produce far more than medical records, including information about:

  • Your age
  • Income
  • Employment history
  • Medical Records

These are all important to ensure that your claim for SSDI is successful. Prior to submitting your SSDI application, be sure that you have looked over the document with an experienced attorney such as the social security lawyer Memphis TN locals trust to ensure that you have gathered all of the correct information.


Thanks to authors at Darrel Castle & Associates PLLC for insight into SSDI Law.