5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries


You can sustain injuries from a car accident regardless of the type of vehicle you are riding in, if you were wearing your seatbelt, or how fast it was going at the time.Here are five examples of common injuries people sustain during car accidents:



  1. Knee Pain


A knee is particularly vulnerable in a car accident. You could easily hit it against the front seat, on the dashboard if you are in the front passenger seat, or if you get ejected from the car. These injuries could be caused by a torn ACL or an unnatural twisting or stretching in the knee ligaments. In any case, you should visit a knee pain doctor or chiropractor to treat your injuries such as the knee pain doctor Rockville, MD locals trust.


  1. Whiplash

Whiplash is the result of the head and neck being suddenly and forcibly moved in an unnatural way, such as when your vehicle is impacted by another. Symptoms generally express as stiffness in your shoulders and neck as well as back pain and may also result in difficulty moving those regions or even symptoms of concussions. Those symptoms may not occur right away, sometimes they develop over hours or even days. Look out for light sensitivity and headaches after the accident.


  1. Broken Bones

A collision between two vehicles may be forceful enough to break bones. Broken bones in your legs lead to difficulties walking and may injure your knees because of the added support they must take on. Any broken bones in your head, back or neck can result in longer lasting mobility issues or even permanent damage.


  1. Cuts and Lacerations

Shattered glass can be an extremely dangerous piece of debris after a crash. You will likely suffer bruises and cuts from a car crash if your skin is exposed. You may also gain bruises from hitting surfaces inside the car or if you are ejected from the vehicle.


  1. Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a terrifying injury that may result from a crash because it is not usually immediately detected. If it isn’t detected and stopped right away, you could fall into a coma or die! Sometimes a doctor will induce a coma in order to reduce swelling and help the body heal.


After receiving medical attention, you should consult a car accident lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other expenses resulting from the accident. If necessary, you should follow up your regular doctor’s visits with a knee doctor or chiropractor to treat any special injuries you may have sustained.

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