Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Injury Sustained in an Uber Accident?

As a company valued at $18.2 billion, Uber has gotten something right. With their ease of use, affordability, and convenience, it’s no wonder that the ride-sharing company is doing as well as it is. However, there’s always the chance of a collision involving an Uber car. If that occurs, it becomes very important to determine just who can be held liable for your damages.

In this post, we’re going to explore who can be held liable for an injury that was sustained in an Uber accident.

Insurance Policies

In response to the high number of accidents that have happened in the course of Uber rides, the company established an enhanced insurance policy program. They now cover up to $50,000 per person and up to $25,000 for property damage from an Uber accident. This is on top of the coverage Uber already has of $1,000,000 for accidents when a trip is in progress.

If you were involved in an accident while in an Uber car or were struck by an Uber car, you have certain legal entitlements. A Personal Injury lawyer memphis TN relies on can provide you with more information about how the law applies in your particular situation.

Common Causes of Uber Accidents

Some of the most common causes of Uber accidents are as follows:

– Lack of sleep. Uber doesn’t require a set amount of breaks or sleep within a given time period. As a result, many drivers will work long hours to ensure they get paid more.
– Failing to maintain vehicles in a safe and working condition.
– Negligence when driving such as speeding or not paying attention to the road signs.
– Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Victims of accidents may be entitled to compensation when an accident is caused due to negligent driving on the part of the Uber driver. To see if you may qualify for damage compensation, talk to a qualified attorney.

Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured in an Uber Accident

There are steps that should be taken immediately if one is injured in an accident involving an Uber car.

– Call 911 and request the responding police officer to file a police report.
– If you’ve been injured, seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can. If necessary, have an ambulance transport you to the hospital so you can get examined and treated.
– Get the Uber driver’s insurance information.
– Get the make and model and license plate number of the Uber vehicle and any other vehicles involved.
– Don’t speak with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier about any injuries you might have sustained. Anything you say can and will be used against you in order to diminish your claim.
– Contact an auto accident attorney regarding your case.

Despite the advantages of using Uber, there’s always the chance of a collision involving an Uber car. Though the driver may be held liable, in certain situations Uber can be held liable as well. An experienced attorney can provide you with the proper legal guidance for filing a claim or lawsuit.

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