Why the Insurance Company is Playing Hardball with you after an Auto Accident


People carry insurance to protect their vehicles and other important belongings in the event of accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay out so easily after an accident. They are concerned about their bottom line and may try to offer the lowest settlements possible.


If you were involved in a car accident and plan to file an insurance claim, understand that your insurance company might try to play hardball with you. Insurance adjusters are trained to do everything they can to save the insurance company money. That is why car accident victims often have to hire car accident attorneys to help them fight against unfair treatment.

Why Insurance Companies Play Hardball with Claimants

According to a CNN news report, McKinsey & Co. created a strategy that helped insurance companies increase their profits. In this strategy, insurance adjusters were instructed to delay the settlement, deny the claim and then defend against the claim in court. The goal of the strategy was to get the claimant to take a smaller settlement or drop the claim entirely.

How Insurance Companies Play Hardball with Claimants

Two insurance providers are typically involved in the majority of insurance claims. One of the insurance providers is for the defendant while the other one is your own. The defendant’s insurance company does not have much reason to provide you with the compensation you deserve, so they may likely do everything possible to deny your claim. It is likely that your own insurance company isn’t on your side either and may try to offer you the lowest possible settlement.


An insurance company may give several different reasons for reducing or deny your claim. They may claim you were at fault of the accident or that you had injuries before the accident. The insurance company may also say that you skipped some of your doctor’s appointments, so you may not be as badly injured as you claim.



Before you file a personal injury claim, it may be in your best interest to speak to an experienced auto accident attorney right away. He or she can evaluate your case for free and determine the approximate value of your claim. Having a skilled attorney, like an auto accident lawyer Memphis TN trusts, on your side can prevent you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies. Your attorney will work hard to negotiate a fair settlement amount.


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