5 Common Personal Injuries Suffered by Cruise Passengers

Taking a cruise can be such an exciting experience. You can explore the mysterious oceans while having the time of your life. Unfortunately, your fun can be brought suddenly to an end if you suffer an injury while on the cruise. If you are injured while on a cruise because of someone else’s negligence, you need to contact an injury lawyer Charlottesville VA residents trust immediately. The laws of the sea can be complex, so it requires a skilled attorney to determine if you have a good case. Here are five common personal injuries suffered by cruise ship passengers.

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents

It is the responsibility of the cruise staff to keep passengers safe. Sometimes, they are negligent in doing so. If you have fallen because they ship’s staff did not take precautions to keep you safe, you could have a personal injury case. Common slip and fall scenarios include:

  1. If they do not remove spilled water on the deck, passengers are at risk for slipping and falling.
  2. Warning signs should be displayed, but they are not always visible or present.
  3. The area should be roped off until the hazard is addressed, but it is very often still accessible.
  4. Stairs and other parts of the ship should be safe so that no boards are obtruding and nothing is sticking out that can cause someone to trip.
  1. Swimming Pool Accidents

Most cruise ships have a swimming pool on board. Every year, there are many tragic and unnecessary injuries that could have been prevented had proper procedures been followed.

  1. Most pools of these types are too shallow to dive into; therefore, warning signs should clearly be displayed.
  2. There might not be proper supervision at the ship’s swimming pool, and someone has an accident, or even drowns.
  3. The drain is not working correctly, and a person gets trapped.
  1. Faulty Equipment Accidents

Equipment can be improperly installed or in need of repair or replacement. Ships contain many activities that are intended to provide entertainment. Passengers can be injured while bowling, playing golf, ping pong, or rock climbing. If you have been injured because a piece of equipment on a cruise ship is broken, contact us to see what we can do. Here are some of the problems that frequently arise:

  1. The handrails on the stairs can be damaged and cause someone to misstep and fall down the stairs.
  2. A piece of carpet can be frayed and lead to a slip and fall accident.
  3. A sliding door can prematurely close and pin someone.
  4. A restroom piece of equipment may be faulty.
  1. Excursion Injuries

Cruise ships offer numerous excursions for passengers to enjoy while on the cruise. Options often include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, and zip-lining. One expects the companies to follow proper safety techniques. When they don’t, someone can get seriously hurt. Cruise ships have a responsibility to warn of the risks involved while participating in excursion activities. They could be liable if you were injured during an excursion.

  1. Food Poisoning

Cruise ships seem to have an endless amount and variety of food on board. Passengers can get food somewhere on the ship at all hours of the day and night. The ship’s employees have the responsibility to prevent the food from being tainted with contaminants or bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control clearly states the food safety and handling rules that cruise ships most follow. If you became ill because the food was not properly prepared or handled, you could have a valid personal injury lawsuit claim.

While taking a cruise, you want to feel safe. However, injuries can happen. If you or a family member has suffered an injury while on a cruise ship, we may be able to help. Contact us today and one of our attorneys will be happy to review your legal options at no charge.

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