What Do You Do After a Slip and Fall?

The media is awash with stories of slip and fall accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, slip and fall accidents happen with high frequency and cost Americans tremendous amounts of lost income and medical payments. But after such accidents occurred, not knowing what to do can be even more concerning than the fall.  Who should answer for their negligence?  What is being done to prevent it from happening again? How do you get compensated for the damage done to you? Getting help from a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer to answer these and your other questions can be the best first step.

An experienced lawyer can review the facts of your case and explain the law of negligence in your state as it pertains to slip and fall accidents. It is very important to know exactly what the law requires of a place of business or a shopkeeper.

Why do you need an injury lawyer to help?

The cost of dealing with slip and fall accident can be enormous and historically, owners of premises where the accidents occur don’t just sit back and watch you make a claim without a fight. The reason is simple; when they admit their fault and compensate you, they fear others would come up with spurious claims of slip and fall, which could mean huge losses to their business.

In 2005 a Jacksonville woman won a million dollar slip and fall case against Wal-Mart. It is just one of many slip and fall accidents lawsuits against Wal-Mart, imagine if they have to settle all claims without a fight. So, property owners and tenants tend to fight to discourage abuse of slip and fall cases, and you will even feel more emotionally damaged if your case is not handled by competent professional injury lawyer, like a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, who understands the process that organizations use to evade or reduce judgments.

According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, many claims submitted as a result of slip and fall accidents are unsettled. Unless you have an injury lawyer who can convince the insurance company and if needed, the court, of your story, injuries, and the offending party’s negligence,  it may end up as one of the many unsuccessful claims in history.

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