Common Causes of Personal Injury in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

As personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles CA, we understand the effect personal injuries can have on your daily life. Many residents of LA, even celebrities — as you may have seen on any of celebrity legal news outlets — fall victim to personal injuries that leave them incapacitated for months or even years, and they find themselves in need of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Here is a list of a few of the leading causes of personal injuries provided by personal injury lawyers in LA with extensive experience in the area:

  1. Automobile accidents
    Whether you commute by car, bike, or on foot, an automobile accident is never beyond the realm of possibilities. They are a leading cause of personal injuries across the US, and exceedingly so for pedestrians in Los Angeles. Contact a Los Angeles Automobile Accident Attorney.
  2. Workplace related injuries
    Workplace related injuries are very common for a multitude of careers, many of which involve repetitive motions, heavy lifting, overexertion, vehicle accidents, machine accidents, slip and falls, falling objects and – maybe not surprisingly for some of you in tense work environments — violence due to office politics.
  3. Slips and Falls
    Slips and falls don’t only occur in the workplace, of course. Have you ever gone shopping and walked through the dairy aisle only to catch sight of spilt milk right before you almost slipped on it? Maybe you’ve stepped on a wet floor that lacked proper precaution and thought, “that can’t be safe.” Whatever the case, it’s not unusual for people to slip and fall in businesses or areas that are in need of improved awareness and safety measures.
  4. Defective Products
    These can include anything from faulty lawn mowers to medications with dangerous and unintended side effects. No matter the industry, the manufacturers of any product owe it to their customer base to make sure their products are completely safe. If they can’t assure that, at the very least it is their duty to provide clear labels that present the risks in a manner that allows consumers to make informed decisions about the use of their products.

There are many ways to suffer personal injuries out there. In light of that, this list only touches the surface. Fortunately, Los Angeles, CA personal injury lawyers are highly experienced in bringing parties guilty of negligence in these instances to justice, and attaining the compensation victims of these injuries deserve. If you have suffered any kind of personal injury in Los Angeles, contact LA personal injury lawyers today for a free case evaluation.