Will Balancing Your Hormones Help With Couples Therapy?

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As we get older, our body slows down or sometimes even stops making certain hormones and the results can be devastating for a couple. Realizing what the changes are can help you take that first step to fixing the issue.

These problems may be wreaking havoc on your marriage. Consider these symptoms of hormone imbalance:

  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Lowered sex drive
  • Depression

Do any of them sound familiar to what you or your spouse is currently going through? Enduring just one of these symptoms could have an affect on how a couple deals with each other — never mind all of them.

Mood swings by one can have the other spouse feeling attacked. What happened to my easygoing wife/husband? Weight gain can make us feel unattractive, even if our partner doesn’t agree.

That can lead to a lowered sex drive, which can make the couple feel like there is a distance between them — that they’re no longer connecting. Depression and fatigue can feed on each other and suddenly it feels like you don’t even recognize the person you’ve become.

Luckily, you don’t have to live this way — there is help out there. A chiropractor Rockville, MD relies on could examine both of you to see what is really going on and let you know what options are out there to help you both.

That’s right — hormone imbalances can affect women and men. There are different options out there that can be tailored to exactly what each of you is experiencing. You don’t need to continue to suffer and neither does your relationship.

It’s also recommended that you get your hormones checked, and then balanced, together — because if just one gets the boost they need while the other does not, that too can put pressure on the relationship. It’s hard when one person has a stronger sex drive than the other.

It’s not just the sex drive that can be affected when you get your hormones balanced. You may find yourselves with the following happening:

  • Greater desire for romance
  • The ability to lose weight
  • Less need for as much sleep (because the sleep you’re getting is a higher quality)
  • You’re more open to having fun and enjoying life

Now imagine these changes happening in your marriage! Suddenly you have the energy to go out on a date night together and reconnect in ways that you haven’t in ages. You’re feeling better about yourselves, which can motivate you to make more of an effort in your relationship.

It can also reinvigorate your couples therapy so that this new connection can be made on all levels — emotional and not just on a physical level. Together you can tackle problems that have been holding you back from being the best versions of yourselves that you can be.

These results aren’t guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient because each person and their reactions to any kind of hormone therapies are completely different.



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